Explore your 5 senses with the colors and flavors of India

Mayura box

Thinking of an original gift to give someone special?  Well we have the perfect idea, a  Mayurabox.  Surprise your partner, friends or family with an exotic dinner at Mayura… a gift they will remember forever.

Mayurabox is designed as a journey into the heart of India through the senses, flavors and colors of our food, service and ambience.

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Our Secret

Tandoor - Traditional Indian clay and charcoal oven

The Tandur or Tandoor is a clay oven, of cylindrical form which is fuelled, with charcoal.  At Mayura we have an authentic tandoori, imported directly from India. The searing heat, smoke, and moisture-retaining properties of the tandoor, make it equally effective for roasting meat, seafood or vegetables on vertical skewers, or making delicious flats breads like naan or the tandoori roti.  It is from this oven that we prepare our favourite dishes such as the famous tandoori chicken and chicken tikka.  Visit and discover what awaits you at Mayura!

¡Summer is here!

Come to Mayura to enjoy a summer dinner at our terrace

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