Mayura Lounge

Discover what makes our Indian food restaurant special


Enjoy a unique evening in a magical space, with a harmonious waterfall, soft lights, flowers and armchairs and sofas as in an Indian palace.


In Mayura we cook with native ingredients and with our oven tandoor, of mud and charcoal. In each dish we serve the recipes that preserve the authentic taste of the most traditional Indian cuisine.


We work to make our clients enjoy a unique experience. In Mayura, the food, the atmosphere and the service play together to offer an experience that overflows the 5 senses.

Mayura Lounge

Mayura is an Indian restaurant located on Calle Girona in Barcelona. A restaurant with a unique ambience, for that special sensual experience. Presenting the best of India, so that the ancient culture that encases this wonderful heritage is available to everyone, our idea to start an Indian restaurant in Barcelona, was to connect our roots to a city that has welcomed us from the start.

We have created an exclusive space, an ambience recalling memories of colonial India. Decorated with natural elements such as stone, wood, silk and water, while always maintaining a balance of the tradition, magic and luxury that is India. All to give our guests an unforgettable experience.

Mayura is an Indian restaurant to activate your senses. For your palate, we provide an explosion of colors and flavors. Indian aromas to inhale and the relaxing sound of running water and Indian music for your ears. All give you the feeling that you have been transported to India, and make Mayura an Indian mystical oasis in the center of Barcelona.

The vibrant mix that is Indian culture is perfectly reflected in our cuisine. What better way to start to get to know the country than through Indian food. A cuisine rich, not only in history, but in flavors, aromas and colors. Our strength is in our use of fresh, traditional ingredients, to prepare our authentic Indian food. But above all, the key to our success has been what we offer our customers: A trip to the heart of India, where all the senses meet.

The authentic taste of India

After all, we know that our strength is in our kitchen and our food – the key to our success since our inception in 2006. We use high quality ingredients, sourced from India and around Catalunya, and our kitchen runs like any fine Indian kitchen you may find anywhere in India.

Our specialty, and something we are very proud of, is our Tandoori oven. The quality of our Tandoori dishes stand out because of our use of charcoal to fuel this classic oven, unique for an Indian restaurant in Barcelona. This gives our food a smoky flavor that can only an authentic tandoor oven can.

Mayura offers a wide variety of dishes which can be grouped into two main specialties: Tandoor and Curry. From the tandoor comes charcoaled meats, seafood, vegetables & fresh breads. Tandoori grills, that are juicy and soft that will not leave your discerning palate indifferent.

The second, and better known section of our menu, include the curries; dishes consisting of a sauce and made of a variety of different spices. Curries, spicy or not, include lamb, chicken, cheese or vegetables and what makes them special is the subtlety of each curry and the spice blends from which they are made.

The Team

The restaurant Mayura is run by Rajnish Kapoor and his wife Mayura, who have spent much of their life traveling, discovering and experimenting with world cuisines and flavors. After starting and running successful businesses in Hong Kong and New York, they started their first restaurant in Ibiza. In 2006, they made the move to Barcelona and opened Mayura.

Supporting them, Mayura has a wonderful, multicultural team who give their best every day to provide their customers with the complete Mayura experience of good taste and a fine relaxed ambience.

Our Nepali chefs are trained in India and know the secrets of the art of traditional Indian cuisine, meanwhile, our excellent floor team are there to make every day unique and special.